Features & Benefits

  • Ease of design - available in pre-designed 12m or 15m wide spans with, 3.6m, 4.2m or 4.8m clear heights and 6m bay increments
  • Smart and fast – the kitset-like construction process ensures accuracy of assembly and can reduce build time and minimise construction errors
  • Corrosion resistance - LVL is naturally resistant to most corrosive chemicals, largely unaffected by most acids and alkaline environments (stainless steel fasteners available on request)
  • Aesthetics – the natural warmth and look and feel of timber
  • Strength - LVL framing has high structural reliability and low variability with a superior strength to weight ratio compared to hot rolled steel
  • Keep it green - hyFRAME® LVL is manufactured from sustainably-grown New Zealand radiata pine
    • Available FSC® CoC Certified on request (Certificate Number: SCS-COC-001319)
  • Compliance – Futurebuild LVL is manufactured to AS/NZS 4357 and is JAS-ANZ accredited by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA)

table showing hyFRAME kitsets range and information such as Span, Clear Height, Roof Pitch, Maximum opening width, and application


Included with all hyFRAME® kitsets:

  • Structural drawings and calculations, including PS1
  • All LVL components including
    • Prefabricated portal frame components 
    • Purlins, blocking and lateral restraints
    • Girts and girt involving
    • End wall framing
    • Bracing, footing brackets, purlin and girt brackets
    • All fixings and fasteners required for on-site erection
    • Technical assembly support
    • Delivery to merchant
    • Waterproof construction plans

Note: Contact the Futurebuild LVL Team to confirm suitability of hyFRAME for site specific conditions.


Outside of the hyFRAME Kitset there are some other items to consider when putting together your total customer solution:

  • Concrete slab or alternative floors
  • Mid floors or enclosed bays if required
  • Resource consent requirements
  • Architectural design and drawings
  • Cladding
  • Roofing
  • Flashings
  • Doors

These items above are not supplied by Futurebuild LVL. 

Finishes are best selected to suit each projects applications.

Futurebuild can provide some technical insights in relation to finishing but recommend sites are finished with product best for each projects commercial application.

For more technical information or to discuss using hyFRAME, get started today by contacting the Futurebuild Technical Team on 0800 585 244 or email info@futurebuild.co.nz.


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Futurebuild LVL hyFRAME - The LVL Kitset Portal Frame Solution Brochure

hyFRAME® is a fully engineered, prefabricated Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) portal frame, designed for use as part of your total build system. It is the ideal framing solution for both rural and light commercial buildings, including a wide range of sheds.

Case Studies

Technical Note

Futurebuild LVL Designing for Durability and Moisture

Designing for durability and moisture.

Futurebuild LVL Trouble with Substitutes

Think hard and check before substituting one building product for another. Get it wrong and you could be creating quality issues and have trouble getting a Code Compliance Certificate.

Futurebuild LVL and Treatment For Use in Buildings

Technical Note relating to treatment for use in buildings


Futurebuild LVL SDS H1.2 Treated LVL and hyJOIST

Safety Data Sheet H1.2 Treated LVL and hyJOIST

Product Technical Statement

Futurebuild LVL Product Techncial Statement LVL computeIT Software Solutions

Product Technical Statement for Futurebuild LVL Products specificed through the computeIT software solutions

Futurebuild LVL Product Technical Statement - LVL Residential Applications

Product Technical Statement for Futurebuild LVL used in residential applications.


HYJ001 (F0)

Joist hangers and brackets (Detail F0)

HYJ002 (F1)

End restraint- blocking with hyJoist (Detail F1)

HYJ003 (F2)

End restraint- using steel strap or bracing (Detail F2)

HYJ004 (F3)

End restraint - using ply or hardboard bracing (Detail F3)

HYJ005 (F4)

Fixing hyJOIST to steel beams - using face mount hangers (Detail F4)

HYJ006 (F5)

Nailing down to supports (Detail F5)

HYJ007 (F6)

Installation of web stiffeners (Detail F6)

HYJ008 (F6A)

Web stiffeners for double joists (Detail F6A)

HYJ009 (F7)

Notching of flanges at end supports (Detail F7)

HYJ010 (F8)

Notching of webs for steel beam flange (Detail F8)

HYJ011 (F9)

Tie-down to internal bracing wall (Detail F9)

HYJ012 (F10)

hyJOIST/hyJOIST connection (Detail F10)

HYJ013 (F11)

Adjacent outrigger (Detail F11)

HYJ014 (F12)

Nested outrigger installation (Detail F12)

HYJ015 (F13)

hyJOIST cantilever for internal or weather-proofed balcony applications (Detail 13)

HYJ016 (F14)

Short cantilever supporting load-bearing wall (Detail F14)

HYJ017 (F15)

Cantilever supporting load-bearing wall (Detail F15)

HYJ018 (F16)

Cantilevers supporting load-bearing walls - installation of end trimmer (Detail F16)

HYJ019 (F17)

End restraint - using rimboard or boundary joist (Detail F17)

HYJ020 (F18)

Installation of compression blocks (Detail F18)

HYJ021 (F21)

Cantilever supporting load-bearing walls- Type 1 reinforcement (Detail F21)

HYJ022 (F22)

Cantilever supporting load-bearing walls- Type 2 reinforcement (Detail F22)

HYJ023 (TD1)

Tie-down for external bracing wall using rimboard using 6 12kN fixing detail (Detail TD1)

HYJ024 (TD2)

Tie-down for external bracing wall -6 and 12 kN fixing details - bracing wall parallel to joist (Detail TD2)

HYJ025 (TD3)

Tie-down for external bracing wall- 6 and 12 kN fixing details - bracing wall perpendicular to joist (Detail TD3)

HYJ026 (TD4)

Tie-down for internal bracing walls - 6kN Fixing (Detail TD4)

HYJ027 (TD5)

Bracing transfer through diaphragm floors (Details TD5)

Information Bulletin

Futurebuild LVL Moulds on Timber

Infomation Bulletin relating to moulds on timber.

Futurebuild LVL hyFRAME Design Assumptions

Design Assumptions around hyFRAME building systems