What is LVL?

Laminated Veneer Lumber 

Laminated veneer lumber, more commonly known as LVL, is an engineered wood product. Proven globally for over 30 years, LVL is typically used as structural members for lintels, beams, mid-floors and roofs across residential and commercial building projects. 

LVL is made by peeling wood veneers and laminating them together under precise conditions. 

Each wood veneer is tested to determine its properties, which means the veneers can be combined using different recipes based on the properties of the final product required. Heat, glue and pressure are used to combine the veneers.  This results in an end product which is solid, highly predictable and uniform.

The Futurebuild® LVL mill is based in Marsden Point, Northland, New Zealand, using renewable plantation pine to make LVL. You can read more about sustainability here 

Futurebuild LVL offers the largest range of LVL products within New Zealand, which are used in projects across Australasia. 


Futurebuild LVL Manufacturing Process