Futurebuild LVL hyJOIST Installation Guide

This guide provides a variety of details specific to the use of hyJOIST floor systems for houses and similar buildings. Details contained in this publication have been appropriately engineer designed and/or tested to determine their suitability.

Futurebuild LVL Residential Design Guide NZ

Manufactured by Futurebuild LVL, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is the engineered solution for residential housing design and

Futurebuild LVL Timber Concrete Floors (TCC) Guide

Timber Concrete Composite (TCC) floors represent a move to optimise the advantages of both Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) beams and a concrete screed/slab, combined using defined connection methods to provide composite action.

Batten & Cradle™ Acoustiflor™ System Specification & Installation Guide

Carter Holt Harvey Plywood Ltd together with Carter Holt Harvey LVL Ltd, trading as Futurebuild® LVL, and B&C Systems International Limited (Batten and Cradle™) have developed a lightweight floor system that is suitable for use as an inter-tenancy floor.

Futurebuild LVL Specific Engineering Design Guide

Properties and structural characteristics for the Futurebuild LVL range for use by specifiers and engineers for specific design LVL projects.

designIT for Commercial Floors Installation Guide

This guide provides a variety of details specific to the use of Futurebuild LVL floor systems for commercial, industrial and other heavily loaded floors. designIT® for Commercial Floors is a software tool for all building practitioners designing with the Futurebuild LVL range and other selected materials. It enables a wide range of commercial and industrial floor solutions to be developed in a simple and powerful application.

Futurebuild LVL hyFRAME - The LVL Kitset Portal Frame Solution Brochure

hyFRAME® is a fully engineered, prefabricated Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) portal frame, designed for use as part of your total build system. It is the ideal framing solution for both rural and light commercial buildings, including a wide range of sheds.

Futurebuild LVL truFORM & edgeFORM Engineered Formwork Solutions

truFORM is structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) intended for use as concrete formwork beams, such as bearers, joists, walers and soldiers.

Futurebuild LVL hyPLANK Guide

hyPLANK is a strong, lightweight Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) scaffolding plank. The structural uniformity of LVL, combined with the strict quality control processes during manufacture, ensures hyPLANK is safe and fit for purpose as scaffold planking.

Artistry in Timber Book

Futurebuild® LVL is an engineered wood product made from multiple layers of wood veneer laminated together under precise factory conditions. Combined using heat and pressure, the result is a solid, consistent material that delivers proven structural reliability along with design versatility.